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TitleDate EnteredDescriptionView
Registration Form12/17/2009

Registration Form. Baseball and Fastpitch Softball.

Registration Form06/05/2014

Player Registration form 

Manager & Coach Application08/05/2012

Manager and Coach Application Form

Managers & Coaches Application06/05/2014

Managers & Coaches Application

Background Check Sheet06/05/2014

Manager/Coaches Background Check Sheet

Coach's Agreement08/24/2009

Coach's Agreement

Parent Agreement08/24/2009

Parent Agreement

Player's Agreement08/24/2009

Player's Agreement

Team Meeting06/05/2014

League Items for Team Meeting

Babe Ruth Fall Game Planner06/05/2014

Babe Ruth Fall Game Planner

Babe Ruth Division Rules05/06/2009

Babe Ruth Division Rules

Babe Ruth Spring Pitch Count05/06/2009

Babe Ruth Pitch Count Form for Spring

Babe Ruth Fall Pitch Count06/05/2014

Babe Ruth Pitch Count for Fall

Majors/Babe Ruth Spring Game Planner06/05/2014

Majors/Babe Ruth Spring Game Planner

Majors Fall Game Planner06/05/2014

Majors Fall Game Planner

Major Division Rules05/06/2009

Major Division Rules

Major Spring Pitch Count05/06/2009

Major Pitch Count Form for Spring

Majors Fall Pitch Count06/05/2014

Majors Pitch Count for Fall

Minors Game Planner06/05/2014

Minors Game Planner

Minor Division Rules05/06/2009

Minor Division Rules

Minor Spring Pitch Count05/06/2009

Minor Pitch Count Form for Spring

Minor Fall Pitch Count06/05/2014

Minor Pitch Count Form for Fall

Rookie Game Planner06/05/2014

Rookie Game Planner

Rookie Division Rules05/06/2009

Division Rules

T-Ball Division Rules05/06/2009

T-Ball Division Rules

Pinch Runner Rule when Batting Everyone03/29/2010

Injured runner rule...

Sr Softball Rules Fall 201409/07/2010

Fall 2014 Rules for Sr Softball

12U Softball Rules Fall 201409/07/2010

Fall 2014 Rules for 12U Softball

10U Softball Rules Fall 201409/07/2010

Fall 2014 Rules for 10U Softball

8U Softball Rules Fall 201409/07/2010

Fall 2014 Rules for 8U Softball

6U Softball Rules Fall 201409/07/2010

Fall 2014 Rules for 6U Softball

LBR By Laws (updated 2012)05/06/2009

League By-Laws as amended by members August 2012.

2014 Board of Directors08/20/2012

2014 Board of Directors

Team Composition Rule Change01/10/2012

Team Composition Rule Change

The Sportsmanship Code03/09/2010

Longwood Babe Ruth baseball is based on a strong code for sportsmanlike ...

Sponsorship Brochure05/06/2009


Parent Survey Form05/18/2009

Parent Survey Form

LBR Sponsor Info08/24/2009

LBR Sponsor Info

Baseball Jobs 10 Players06/23/2014

Baseball Jobs 10 Players

Baseball Jobs 9 Players06/23/2014

Baseball Jobs 9 Players